Soponcios 6pm

"I still have to find powerful man, or woman, in the world, that didn't rush home for their sopas 6pm"

--Spanish proverb circa 2016.

Potential Story: Crimes from the past

Title: Crimes from the past

- In the future, all crime has ceased thanks to a combination of advanced technology and educational methods.

- Crime enforces of the future run on a program of punishing crime from the past, i.e. from people who are dead and whose crimes went unpunished.

- To accomplish that, whenever it is found out that an individual person committed a crime from the past, her body is exhumated, if that is available, and if not, people look for DNA traces of this person.

- Once found, the person is recreated in an accelerated genetic incubator, an punished (thrown into jail, executed, tortured) when it reaches a mature age.

- A radical group of rebels called the "pseudo-senecas" rejects the idea and erases or confounds DNA traces from target individuals.

- The pseudo-senecas is considered a terrorist group and the media play out that they are in the way of achieving "universal justice across time and space."

- The story plays out this duel between a society unable to move on from the past, and a group of rebels that believes it to be the only way forward.

Best movies of 2018 & 17

  1. Anihilation

  2. Burning

  3. Suspiria

  4. You were never really here

  5. Widows

  6. Mid90s

  7. Avengers: Infinity War

  8. The Assassination of Gianni Versace

  9. Hereditary

  10. The endless

  11. The killing of a sacred dear

  12. Wind River

  13. 45 years

  14. Thelma

  15. Gemini

  16. The Square

  17. Velvet Buzzshaw

  18. A quiet place

  19. Mandy

  20. Channel Zero: Candle Cove

Pay to Play

1. A free app to meet people is launched. It’s free. Meeting people just got easier and FREE!

2. The app gets very popular and becomes the dominant way of meeting people.

3. App turns and starts to be pay to play.

4. That logic extends out to society.

5. Meeting people inside or outside of the app is not free anymore.

6. Society turns into a play to play model. All relationships are commercialized, and all is consumerist and capitalist exchange among people.

After my third coffee of the day and my second workout

I finished my third coffee of the day and my second workout. I looked at the watch. It was only 4 pm. Of the three movies left in my Wunderlist, and all of them were Belarusian.

As my hypochondria was kicking back in - I was convinced I had a punctured eardrum - I decided to put on my heaviest coat and brightest beanie and went on a walk by the river. It was cold and icy and rainy, horizontally-rainy, and I felt as numb as I felt in that place on a beautiful sunny day.

I started to think if I knew anyone in this town whose life I envied? I walked over two miles, without finding an answer.

Under the Silver Lake

The film “Under the Silver Lake” is the most significant rebuttal to Spam Church we've ever learned of and, at the same time, the most brilliant movie released in 2019.

The Best Films of 2019

  1. Under the Silver Lake by David Robert Mitchell

  2. US by Jordan Peele

  3. Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis

  4. El Reino by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

  5. The Beach Bum by Harmony Korine

  6. Dragged Across Concrete by S. Craig Zahler

  7. Midnight Listener by Patrick Settner

  8. Never Look Away by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

  9. Cold Weather by Aaron Katz

  10. Climax by Gaspar Noe

Next time you fail

You may think that you will work harder and finally “show them” how great you are.

Yet you don’t understand you cannot show anything to somebody who will never look at you again.

The only possibility of change comes from the physical world

The only real chance for change comes from physically relocating somewhere.

There’s no amount of technology that you can install or deinstall that will give you anything remotely similar to packing all your things, getting on a plane, and moving to a new city.

There’s no true possibility of transformation in the digital world.