Under the Silver Lake

The film “Under the Silver Lake” is the most significant rebuttal to Spam Church we've ever learned of and, at the same time, the most brilliant movie released in 2019.

The Best Films of 2019

  1. Under the Silver Lake by David Robert Mitchell

  2. US by Jordan Peele

  3. Hypernormalization by Adam Curtis

  4. El Reino by Rodrigo Sorogoyen

  5. The Beach Bum by Harmony Korine

  6. Dragged Across Concrete by S. Craig Zahler

  7. Midnight Listener by Patrick Settner

  8. Never Look Away by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

  9. Cold Weather by Aaron Katz

  10. Climax by Gaspar Noe

Next time you fail

You may think that you will work harder and finally “show them” how great you are.

Yet you don’t understand you cannot show anything to somebody who will never look at you again.

Move on, find your second mountain.

The only possibility of change comes from the physical world

The only real chance for change comes from physically relocating somewhere.

There’s no amount of technology that you can install or deinstall that will give you anything remotely similar to packing all your things, getting on a plane, and moving to a new city.

There’s no true possibility of transformation in the digital world.

It Will Never Happen To Me

Every day
I commute to the centre of the future to stare at dark mirrors
Every day
Powers from all over the world come to see me
Every clue only leads to other clues
I only see myself
It will never happen
To me

I Really Miss the East Coast

Once I arrived, I wanted to get acclimatized. So I put on Frank Ocean's Lost

Amsterdam, Tokyo, Spain

Los Angeles
Lost on a train

I smiled and remembered the time I was in also in Los Angeles listening to the same song. I fell asleep looking at pictures of me Skyping with my friend in India. When I was last looking at those pictures of LA. In France.

I really miss the East Coast. I can't wait to get back to the apartment I rent there for $3,200 a month.

My Airbnb was quite cute and everything seemed familiar. It had been easy to pick up the key and get in, they even seemed to expect me.

It was expensive though. Luckily I had got a huge deposit into my account.

The amounts matched perfectly.

Techno is music for machines

The reason why some particularly clever people love it so much is because they like the clarity and logic, like machines, and unlike human beings. Machines will also write better techno than human beings.

Techno in the pure sense, not in melodic sense because melody is emotional. Only rhythm and beats of different objects.

We shall imagine all the dishwashers, laundry machines, vacuums and fridges bobbing their heads to techno when we are not at home!

Perfect Avocado Toasts

The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over” The look made famous by the platform just doesn’t resonate anymore. Taylor Lorenz, April 23, 2019, The Atlantic

People are so alienated that they think the problem is that Instagram photos are displayed in bright colors. They turn to look for the natural effect until it is clear to them that the feeling of artificial and sadness does not go away. That they still cannot truly connect with that "girl next door" photo because it is nothing else that another version of the perfect avocado toast. More sadly, this continued inability to connect another may be hard to internalize, bringing them back to the next-gen perfect avocado toast and next-gen pink walls in the near future.

I wonder how short collective memory is, how fast the same Instagram filter will return to popular use. Maybe in this continuous cycle between the artificial and the natural we pass through the social: what is cool during that brief period of time would be to see people in the real world.

At the root of it is the need to connect with another human being and the inevitable frustration of having / wanting to do it through social media.

Inflationary Medium Conjecture

Assume a social system where a population P of individuals desires to access information I using medium M. P spends time T on the medium to access the information, then spending J time enjoying the information itself. 

We can define the ratio R(M)=T/J as the time spent in accessing the information divided by the time spent enjoying the information . The smaller R — the closer to zero — the more efficient the social system is.

The inflationary medium conjecture states that any effort to improve the Medium M geared towards reducing to time spent accessing the information will end up in a new ratio related to the new medium R1(M1)=R1/J1 that is equal on larger than R, i.e. R1>R. In other words, the new social system will be more inefficient, and the medium will end up absorbing more energy overall. 


  1. As Twitter grows old, one spends more time scrolling down tweets — and checking one’s followers — than reading the tweets themselves; nowadays people barely register other people’s tweets.

  2. As the smartphone camera becomes ubiquitous, people take lots of photos and invests lots of energy editing them, but nobody watches them, including themselves.

  3. With Uber you can go anywhere but you end up going nowhere and having food delivered home by Uber itself. Uber ends up reducing the time you spend outside.