Perfect Avocado Toasts

The Instagram Aesthetic Is Over” The look made famous by the platform just doesn’t resonate anymore. Taylor Lorenz, April 23, 2019, The Atlantic

People are so alienated that they think the problem is that Instagram photos are displayed in bright colors. They turn to look for the natural effect until it is clear to them that the feeling of artificial and sadness does not go away. That they still cannot truly connect with that "girl next door" photo because it is nothing else that another version of the perfect avocado toast. More sadly, this continued inability to connect another may be hard to internalize, bringing them back to the next-gen perfect avocado toast and next-gen pink walls in the near future.

I wonder how short collective memory is, how fast the same Instagram filter will return to popular use. Maybe in this continuous cycle between the artificial and the natural we pass through the social: what is cool during that brief period of time would be to see people in the real world.

At the root of it is the need to connect with another human being and the inevitable frustration of having / wanting to do it through social media.