Stages of the TED-era

We are entering stage two of the TED-era. The first step was one where scientist told the general public about how their personal story and how it fueled their science. By doing so, scientists mega-engaged them and got so much attention, fame, and money.

Yet scientist didn't foresee that everyone has a personal story, so we at stage two they are going to have to listen to the general public and how their experiences relate to the scientist research, including how the scientist story should be understood from the audience’s perspective (even if that interpretation has nothing to do with the scientist’s actual research).

This is not a bad thing per se, but we think scientists still want the power that comes from the inequality of attention and lack the patience necessary to listen and relate to the general public, while the later demands their eyeballs. Very soon this turn into a solipsistic situation.

Everyone will be targeted spam for everyone else.