Potential Story: Crimes from the past

Title: Crimes from the past

- In the future, all crime has ceased thanks to a combination of advanced technology and educational methods.

- Crime enforces of the future run on a program of punishing crime from the past, i.e. from people who are dead and whose crimes went unpunished.

- To accomplish that, whenever it is found out that an individual person committed a crime from the past, her body is exhumated, if that is available, and if not, people look for DNA traces of this person.

- Once found, the person is recreated in an accelerated genetic incubator, an punished (thrown into jail, executed, tortured) when it reaches a mature age.

- A radical group of rebels called the "pseudo-senecas" rejects the idea and erases or confounds DNA traces from target individuals.

- The pseudo-senecas is considered a terrorist group and the media play out that they are in the way of achieving "universal justice across time and space."

- The story plays out this duel between a society unable to move on from the past, and a group of rebels that believes it to be the only way forward.